the optimistic cynic (thinkstoomuch) wrote in get_foxy,
the optimistic cynic


An update so far:

I noticed that I was only just aching the next day, so after two weeks (not wanting to up things too quickly) I have increased to doing one whole lot of each exercise, then waiting ten minutes or so, and doing a second complete batch, with slightly fewer reps on each. This seems to work, I feel it more the next day.

I have definitely improved in all the areas I'd expect, though not by so much in my arms - while I'm lifting as heavy weights as I can for the number of reps, it doesn't ache the next day and progress is slow. Perhaps a lower weight for more reps? This is in effect what I am doing for the other exercises.

I've been keeping a spreadsheet of what I've been doing. Possibly slightly geeky ;) It's very useful though - for keeping track of progress, but also it motivates me to keep going. It's not that I'm facing such a difficult task, I just lose track or forget. This way I know how many days it's been.

I haven't stuck to every other day very well, but I'm better than every four, and one week I was so coursework busy I did nothing, so, pretty good.

Spreadsheet geekery informs me that I've achieved a metric ton of bicep curls, with each arm :)

(My weight, however, remains steady. Will I ever top 10 stone? I will keep you informed.)
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