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hi everyone.

very soon i am going to get fit again because being a slob makes me feel yukky. i am still aching just from doing sit-ups. when i get a job (very soon i hope!) i am going to join an adults gymnastic class and start going to it every week. i haven't been able to do evening activities since leaving school (i'm 21 now) because i have always worked shifts and never normally finished work until 8pm. i also hope to get a job with normal hours so i can go to the gym in the evenings and meet with people my age, rather than go to the gym in the mornings with the senior members and have tea and biscuits.

i am going to try and find a gym in this area that doesn't require membership for you to use the facilities, because i find doing it this way i end up going 5 x per week for 3 months and then i give up altogether. i'd like it to be a little more balanced. i would like a personal trainer or a gym buddy or something as i'm not very good at motivating myself to work harder. ie. i stop when it hurts - what's the point?

i've been eating very healthily recently because we have no money, so i feel good about that and less bloaty than i normally do. i want to tone up though because although i don't feel fat, when i see myself in photos i just look a bit...limp?

anyway that's my rambling over. i'll let you know if anything comes of all this, or whether it's just 'all talk no action' - in which case i probably won't post again.
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